oyaloca through the air attached to All Might dislodged the bottles containing the slime villain, causing them to fall into the alleyway below them at the time." />


Futa mha

Okay, a few things before we start. One, this was a requested story, though one I'm actually excited to write. Two, this was the first place drabble poll winner, making it the record holder for fastest movement from drabble to full story. Three, I know it's spelled Izuku, I'll be spelling it Izuka for a more feminine feel. Four, I'll do my best to skip over the bits we've already seen. Sure I'll try and add little changes to specific events here and there, but for the most part the bulk of the detail will go to lemons so I don't spend too much time writing about what you can already see watching the actual anime. And lastly five, this story will take more time than my other, shorter stories. It'll probably only be updated once a week unlike the two chapters per week that others get, and probably won't even get its second chapter immediately after this one as at time of writing I've got a certain monster girl finale to write that'll probably take me all week. Izuka did not consider herself to be an especially lucky person. In a world where eighty percent of the entire world was born with their own super power, referred to as a quirk, she was born without one.
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A few Generations ago the world went through two major changes in humanity's evolution. The first was that people started being born with special superhuman qualities called quirks.
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By using iFunny you agree to our Privacy policy. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics. App Store. Google Play. A, not the teachers at least, for their to be a very special gloryhole of all things on the very upstairs bathroom. No-one knew who started it, but the series has always had different people, from both genders and of various quirks. Mina happened to have a kink for the mystery fucking as well, sliding into the converted stall before then squeaking. It seemed as well as her, Midoriya was there! Explained: Basically, you will be any OC, teacher, student or whatev that comes to get their rocks off. Be it boy or futa, doesnt matter.
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A few Generations ago the world went through two major changes in humanity's evolution. The first was that people started being born with special superhuman qualities called quirks. The second was that the two traditional genders of male and female seemed to merge into a single gender known as Futanari, beings with the appearance of a female as well as a penis.

With these two major changes two societal shifts happened, the first was the new profession of Super Heroines, those who would use their powers to protect others from people misusing theirs. The second, was that Futanari are naturally easy to arose, so sex has become quite popular.

People don't have issues holding back in flirting, asking for sex and showing off their assets. Our story begins with Izuko Midoriya. She's not popular, she's not all that pretty and she has no quirk, but somehow, she'll become the greatest most beautiful heroine in the world.

She had no breasts to speak of, she was a solid A-cup, her penis was barely 6 inches long and maybe an inch of girth, small for a Futa. Izuko was watching some heroines take down a villain when a beautiful giant woman in a skin tight outfit dropkicked the offender. She had long blonde hair, large breasts, wide hips and a very noticeable bulge in her front that was about to tear through her outfit.

Lady, hope you like me. Izuko thought that she was definitely beautiful, but for now she had to get to school, she could dream about that beauty some other time. Izuko wasn't a big fan of school, mostly cause she was the butt of other girls jokes. She was Izuko's former friend and bully Satsuki Bakugou. Unlike Izuko she was quiet naturally beautiful she had long light blonde hair, shapely hips, big DD-cup breasts squeezed into her top and if you were to see her naked you'd know she was at least a foot long and probably three inches thick.

That's a school for gorgeous winners like me, not flat quirkless losers like you. No matter how much you wanna try, you'll just fail. If you weren't so fucking ugly I would probably just make you suck my cock…let's go. She gathered her things and started to walk home, alone with her thoughts. As she walked home and remembered the times she was told she'd never have a quirk, never be that special…it was sad.

But then she was snapped from her thoughts when the sewer cover burst up and some bizzare slime like woman burst out. Suddenly the slime was blown away, Izuko looked up and stared with awe. Standing before her in a plain white T-shirt and jeans was the most gorgeous woman she'd ever seen.

It only took one glance and she knew this was All Might, the most popular, more beautiful heroine in the world. Izuko knew so much about her sizes and popularity from interviews, she was her idol. All Might was a wonderous woman with large M-cup breasts, you couldn't see it all but her bulge was huge!

Her long blonde hair reached her lower back, stopping just above her plush butt. Her face was gorgeous, looking like it was sharp enough to have been chiseled from stone but was still soft and feminine enough not to betray her beauty. All Might was getting ready to leave, but…Izuko still had questions so right before All Might got ready to jump away the girl instinctively clung to her leg, fortunately All Might Saw her and landed on a roof nearby. But her idol was gone, in her place was a short woman in baggy clothes who looked kinda…sickly.

Her body was thin, no real curves and if she wasn't wearing a belt her pants would have probably fallen off. She lifted her shirt and showed a nasty scare on her stomach "I got this wound five years ago in a villain attack. I can only work at my full power about three hours a day. But what I told you was never revealed to the public, so please don't go blabbing around.

I'm a Symbol of Peace, I can't look this crappy all the time yeah I gotta put my life on the line. She explained her life's troubles and how even without a quirk or good looks she wanted to be a heroine girls could look up to, someone who made people feel safe. All Might left Izuko on the roof, but on her way down she noticed that the slime woman shce bottled up was gone, and there was an awful lot of commotion on the other side of the city. Across town the slime woman had escaped and captured Satsuki of all girls and started trying to use her as a host, but the explosive girl was not going down with out a fight, making explosions pop off of her hands to try and shake the evil woman.

Unfortunately, of all the pros there, none could really help. The slimy tentacle started plunging and writing around inside Satsuki, other tendrils forming and wrapping around her sizable DD's. Satsuki wouldn't stand for this, she didn't get fucked she did the fucking, but this slime was holding her down, she had nothing left until suddenly Izuko ran in and made a move to pull her free.

It didn't do much but it was enough to distract the villain and convince All Might to step in and use a little extra time to save the girls. With the villain taken care for Izuko was scolded for running in and Satsuki praised for fighting as long as she did, even if she was aggravated to have been save and fucked in front of people.

She wanted to bitch and moan about it, but she didn't both. If you hadn't been there and if I hadn't heard your story things might have…". That's what happened correct?! People with those qualities, they can be heroes. My quirk is a power that can be passed down from one to another, so we'll need to make sure you can take it, my One for All. Izuko met All Might on the beach nearby, it was here she'd be expected to prove herself to her idol and inherit her power. In order to get Izuko in shape to handle All Might's power the girl needed to train, and so she was now hauling garbage on the beach.

So training began, every Day Izuko ate, worked out and struggled to get to the proper place and make her new mentor proud, even pushing herself too hard at one point. Time passed and soon it was the day of the UA entrance exam. All-Might was hung, extra hung. If Izuko had to guess she was probably 18 inches long and almost six thick, it was like she had a whole salami tucked away. Izuko just blushed and reached out to start stroking off her hero. All-Might moaned a bit as Izuko started moving her hands, the massive schlong struggling to fit between two hands.

Then she leaned forward and started kissing the tip. She ran her tongue over the slit and made All-Might groan again. Although she wouldn't ever want to admit it the reason Izuko knew so much about how to give a good BJ was because she looked it up and watched some videos. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and took a few inches into her mouth. She slurped as loud as she could and let her saliva coat the shaft. All-Might's mighty testicles swung a bit but were so far from the tip of the shaft Izuko couldn't even tell.

The girl slobbered and slurped, applying as much suction as she could and making her idol smile, her hands still teasing and stroking the bottom of the shaft. The Pro moaned and started spraying out thick cum. The ropes flowed into Izuko's mouth, splattered on her face and chest till she was all but covered in the stuff.

Thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated. Feel free to message me any questions or concerns. Story Story Writer Forum Community. The world went through two major changes, the first was Quirks, and the second was Futa, now the world is filled with these duo gendered ladies and Heroines are paragons of virtue and beauty. Izuko Midoriya want's to be one of these Heroines, the only problem is she has no Quirk and isn't all that attractive.

This is her story. Real Time! The slime jumped on her, this was it, Izuko felt her life flashing before her eyes. All Might had used her time for the day, she wasn't sure there was anything she could too. Izuko on the other hand started to head home.

If you hadn't been there and if I hadn't heard your story things might have…" "It was my fault for disturbing your work. Later So training began, every Day Izuko ate, worked out and struggled to get to the proper place and make her new mentor proud, even pushing herself too hard at one point.

Izuko was ready, her body was a little more toned and she was in good shape, ready to be a hero. AN Thank you for reading. Suggest what you want to see in the future. Till Next Time! Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2: Entrance Exam 3. Chapter 3: First Day 4.

Chapter 4: Costumes 5. Chapter 5: Thanks 6. Chapter 6: Yaoyorozu and Jirou 7. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

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