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The event included the first-ever women's main event match in WrestleMania history. The card comprised sixteen matches, including four on the Kickoff pre-show. The event saw the final matches of two veteran wrestlers: Kurt Angle lost his farewell match against Baron Corbin , and Batista lost a No Holds Barred match against Triple H and retired after the event. Reception towards the event was fairly positive, with praise being directed towards Styles vs. Orton, Miz vs. McMahon, and the tag team and world title matches, with the Winner Take All main event and WWE Championship matches being considered among the best matches of the year. Reigns, and the overall runtime of the event. WrestleMania is considered WWE 's flagship event, having first been held in It is the longest-running professional wrestling event in history and is held annually between mid-March to mid-April. It featured wrestlers from the Raw , SmackDown , and Live brands.
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Entrance themes can become almost as legendary as the wrestlers they introduce. Think of the pop of the crowd when Austin's glass breaks, Rocky's catchphrase is shouted or HHH's guitar riff begins. If a guy has a catchy theme song, chances are the crowd will react when the music hits.
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I remember getting ready for middle-school, crimping my hair to that song every day. When they were singing about watching wrestling, I did not realise it was forecasting my future. I think I sing this one most because I used to watch the video with all the dance moves when I was younger, and would try to do them in the shower. The lyrics — the whole concept — of the song are just really funny. I heard it a little too late in life, though. I love the energy of their songs. Even though his hair is super-aggressive, his music is not. The song is super adorable, and the music video is, too. I listen to such a mix of music, from cute stuff like this to harder rock. I think this is the one that makes me feel the sassiest.
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TLC – Waterfalls (1994)

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Entrance themes can become almost as legendary as the wrestlers they introduce. Think of the pop of the crowd when Austin's glass breaks, Rocky's catchphrase is shouted or HHH's guitar riff begins. If a guy has a catchy theme song, chances are the crowd will react when the music hits. Not surprisingly, some of these themes introduced some of the most boring or unsuccessful WWE wrestlers of all time. Now, an important point: If I knock their entrance music, don't think I'm knocking the actual wrestler.

I understand that most of these guys had zero input as to what played over the PA as they walked to the ring. The future Mrs. Shannon is very good at her job, namely standing around in skimpy clothing and being under 30 years old. However, her theme song makes me want to shove large objects in my ears to prevent brain damage from occurring.

This entrance music is the exact kind of "trendy club" crap that I absolutely hate. Plus, what is up with the singer whispering the lyrics? Is she trying to be sexy or sound stupid?

There, I just saved you three minutes of your life you would have spent by listening to that theme. This is kind of a dual entry as well because I almost lost my mind when WWE tried to replace this gem with that Get Crunk song. Not only was Get Crunk brutally terrible but they had Eve Torres try to get the song over by doing a dance vaguely resembling a stripper routine without the clothing removal.

I know he's a heel now and all that but really, was there anything more annoying than R-Truth singing this stupid song while jogging down the entrance ramp? Some of you younger fans are probably thinking to yourselves "what in God's name is this? Bertha Faye was brought in as the fat heel to challenge the "beautiful" Alundra Blayze for the revived Women's title. They gave her a trailer park trash gimmick and made her the love interest of Harvey Whippleman, of course! The result was this "song" where Whippleman professes his undying love of the monstrous competitor and thousands of fans cringe at the same time.

The early s are very well represented on this list. What's more embarrassing in this video: the theme or the white people in the crowd trying to dance? Vince blessed them with a theme song that was guaranteed to make people hate them right away: an Uncle Kracker ballad.

Not only does it not even come close to sounding what a wrestling theme should sound like, it was just plain boring. Heidenreich's theme merely featured Paul Heyman screaming his name in an intimidating manner for three and a half minutes, so don't click on that theme for the audio. No, no The original plan for Heidenreich was to make him a Nazi solider who was frozen only to be thawed out in present day.

That gimmick was quickly abandoned and replaced with a guy who wrote poetry, goose-stepped around the ring and made friends with the little girls in the audience. Longtime wrestling marks, the ICP jumped at the chance to produce a theme for the Oddities, a group made up of "sideshow freaks" who wrestled pretty much exclusively in comedy matches. The problem with this theme is that it sounds like every single other ICP song: loud, annoying and terrible. Has there ever been a gimmick destined to be a loser more than an Asian cowboy who pretends he's from Texas?

Anyways, to complete the whole thing, WWE stuck him with this very stereotypical country song which is really stupid because he was supposed to be an Asian who broke stereotypes and The Undertaker has had quite a few entrance themes in his day and most of them were awesome. Was this song written by a sixth grader?

It sounds the guy just went through a rhyming dictionary and picked out words that seemed to fit. Not only that but doesn't the cursing in the song seem a little forced?

Like Vince McMahon heard the song and went "No! Dammit, no! I want more cursing in that right now or you're fired! Rockabilly, a gimmick most of us have blocked out of our minds, was a brief segment in Billy Gunn's career where he was the Honky Tonk Man's protege. This one is bad, although I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Billy Gunn on this list.

A legitimately nice guy, he seemed to get stuck with almost every single bad gimmick that promoters could come up with. Anyways, Booger came out to this lovely little ditty, usually eating a large amount of food while the announcers made fat jokes about him. Oh, and his wrestling gear was fashioned to give him a hump on his back so the announcers could also make humpback jokes. From one mid-'90s gimmick to another, TL Hopper quickly became an Internet Wrestling Community sensation because of the absurdity of his character. This was the mid-'90s WWF where every single wrestler seemed to have a job on the side.

We had a wrestling plumber, hockey player and garbage man, just to name a few. Hopper and his plunger "Betsy" came out to this "theme" of toilets flushing and various other noises. Isaac Yankem I. Yankem, get it? He also came out this lovely melody of dentist drills and screaming patients that was sure to thrill no one.

Realizing the gimmick was a complete flop, Vince repackaged the guy into the Fake Diesel and teamed him with an equally Fake Razor Ramon during a really bad time for the World Wrestling Federation. The third time was a charm, though, and another gimmick change to the Undertaker 's younger brother seemed to be the winning formula.

That's right, Kane used to daylight as a dentist to make ends meet. There's also another part about Billy's love for asses where it says he likes to watch them, flaunt them, stick them, etc. It really pains me to put this at No. In all honesty, William Regal is one of the most underrated performers of all time.

He could work with almost anyone, had great facials in the ring and is entertaining as hell on the mic. Before his debut, Regal was hyped up with vignettes showing how much a real man's man he really was. They included shots of Regal doing heavy labor, chopping wood and drinking orange juice Needless to say, having the Lumberjack Tabernacle Choir sing about how much of a man Regal was didn't seem to strike a chord with audiences.

What their plans were for the character, we will never know because Regal had to go to rehab for substance issues. Link to Media.

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