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The Playlist Staff. On the mind. What makes nudity gratuitous? But getting a consensus on whose ass crack does actually inform the story, and whose nipples are completely surplus to narrative requirements, is a much, um, slipperier issue. So here they are, the 20 instances of skin-baring, sometimes partial, sometimes total, that made a lasting impression on us. Read, comment, but remember, underneath just a thin layer of clothing, every single blessed one of us is butt naked. And, and obviously, this is NSFW. Then again, freeze framing a VHS was an inexact science that required a lot of concentration. Of course there is a purpose to this and their subsequent steamy-windowed consummation: it is basically the very definition of the calm before the storm. At one point a hamster.
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Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Sign up for The Complex Newsletter for breaking news, events, and unique stories. As titillating as the phrase "full frontal nudity" may sound, baring it all on screen is not always a sexy endeavor. Truth be told, nudity can be as frightening for an audience as it is for the thespian tasked with dropping trou see The Shining. Then there's also the gender aspect to consider, the fact that women are more often the ones to bare it all, while shots of naked men on film, for whatever reason, consistently causes a stir. Going back to the Forgetting Sarah Marshall example. It's easy to recall how often the movie became known for that Jason Segel dick scene in the first act. But if a man appears erect on film, for example, it can cause a whole rating scandal. That's why you're mostly unlikely to see it in mainstream cinema. Essentially, you'll never see an "R" film with a fully naked dude.
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New York. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. Thanks for subscribing! Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! The only thing better than watching one of the best sex scenes of all time? Being in one of them—though sometimes, it's probably neck and neck. Watching sex onscreen is a hallmark of the viewing experience but watching Game of Thrones with your parents is still hard. If you chart a history of sex in movies—as we've done here—you can see a global evolution of mores, a chronicle of evolving tastes, a lessening of hangups. People want sex, and not only in romantic movies with tasteful fade-outs. Many of these films have won Academy Awards ; some are classic feminist movies.
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The intriguing murder mystery paid homage to Total Recall , Gattaca Niccol's own debut feature , and Minority Report with its futuristic advances in technology. In the dystopic world portrayed, a visual record was made of everything that had taken place, via the recorded memories of every individual.

That meant the world portrayed disallowed anonymity and privacy, with pop-up IDs for everything. In the provocative, visually-striking story set in a world of constant surveillance via neural implants in the 'Mind's Eye' that stored one's memories in the Ether , lone, hard-drinking, divorced and world-weary detective Sal Frieland Clive Owen was tasked with investigating cases, although in his work, he could easily pull up recorded visual memories of violent or homicidal incidents and determine what had happened.

But then, a series of unsolved murders by a serial killer only provided recordings from the gunman's POV. Somehow, the victims' visual records were being hijacked or erased, thereby leaving no 'digital footprint. To solve the 'who-dun-it,' Sal invented an undercover character for himself by creating an artificial set of memory records - he would pose as a wealthy stockbroker and fiancee named Sol Grayson, who needed to find a hacker to alter his recorded memories after visiting with a prostitute named Krystal Alyson Bath.

In the process, he met up with the shadowy and elusive Girl Amanda Seyfried aka Anon, her hacker alias who was an 'off the grid' hacker - she became a prime suspect because she was able to erase herself from people's memories or remove incriminating evidence from the Ether for a high price paid by wealthy clients. She made it almost impossible to track her by never looking at her surroundings.

She was also able to create new VR mirage-like scenarios in a person's mind. In the end, she hacked into Sal's mind and erased his memories, leaving him confused about whether he was in reality or illusion. But she wasn't the serial killer - instead, it was revealed that sinister security expert Cyrus Frear Mark O'Brien was the prime hacker responsible for the murders. In the conclusion's last lines, the Girl quipped to Sal: "It's not that I have something to hide. I have nothing I want you to see. In the course of the film, the female characters were mostly femme fatales or sexy corpses - there was lots of nudity and some sex scenes, including Sol's sex with a prostitute.

Kay Cannon's directorial debut film was a witty and raunchy teen sex comedy with a feminist twist on the over-used 'lose virginity' theme.

It followed on the heels of other similar films, including Bachelorette , Trainwreck , and Girls Trip The full name of the film was implied to be "C--kBlockers" - some posters had a prominent rooster above the title. On their prom night, three female high school seniors who had been friends for their entire childhoods pledged and agreed to give up their virginity for the first time:.

Julie was in the most serious relationship - with Austin, and confided with her female pals at a school lunch table about how she was dreaming for a perfect night of sex and loss of her virginity on prom night with him:. Tonight with Austin I mean, you know, we've been dating for six months, and we love each other, and I just awkwardly got my pediatrician to put me on birth control. She gave me a sticker. Two because I was good, so - I know it's, like, kind of corny or whatever, but it just seems like prom night - it's kind of perfect, you know?

We're gonna have, like, dim lighting and rose petals on the bed and the scent from that candle that gets me horny every time I pass it in Walgreens I'm gonna look into Austin's eyes, and then he's gonna look into mine, and then we're gonna, like, touch each other's faces, you know?

For, like, a long time. Like, a long time. Just to, like, connect. And then we're gonna - Kapow! Impulsively, Kayla agreed: "All right, f--k it, I'm in I'm in. I'm having sex tonight too Mine is gonna be tonight and with - that dude. Sam was flabbergasted: "You haven't even hooked up with him. You haven't even seen his thing yet. What if he has a weird one?

Penises are not for looking at. They're for use. They're like plungers. Listen, my student athlete days are over. Tonight is the beginning of my adult life, and for the first time I can do whatever I want. So I want to go to prom, get drunk, get potted up on weed and lose my god-damn virginity.

Julie: We're gonna have the same first-time-sex anniversary. Kayla: We can go to dinner every year and commemorate it Yes, Olive Garden. Breadsticks for life, bitch. Sam felt further behind than the other two girls and admitted: "I just don't think I'm there yet.

You know, maybe something might happen tonight with me and Chad, but, uh, I don't think sex is gonna be that thing She glanced over lovingly at a female student named Angelica But you never know what could happen. I mean, maybe my inner sexual Smaug will emerge from its keep and spread its mighty wings. All of the girls had over-protective parents who learned about their sex pact by eavesdropping on the girls' emoji-laden, phallic text messages on the way to the prom in a limousine i.

They decided to take extreme measures in a crusade to prevent their offspring from carrying through on their vows Julie's mother: "Let's cock-block those motherf--kers". As the parents stalked and tracked their daughters, the teens did engage in some sexual activity. During the sex scene between a drunken Sam and Chad, they first discussed having actual intercourse, but then declined before he became overexcited and prematurely ejaculated - afterwards, they chuckled over the embarrassment:. Chad: "So, you, uh, sure you want to do this?

F--k yeah. You're gonna, you're gonna penis me First, I'm gonna - I'm just gonna touch it" Chad: "You want to touch it? Yeah, you can touch it. Yeah, yeah, go for it. Okay, just, like, Oh! That is, like, the greatest feeling I've ever had in my entire life Okay, so, do you wanna, uhm, put it in? Look, we don't have" Moaning loudly as he came Sam: "Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Right there!

Look at all of it. Oh, my God. I gotta get over. I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry I was thinking about it and you, and then it just, I'm sorry You're amazing. I know we're still virgins, but I feel different, you know? Julie and Austin, truly in love, had sex together in a hotel room before which he told her: "Now, I'm just warning you, I've practiced a few times, but this might not go that well" - he was right - it took a few condoms to get it right; later, her gal-pals congratulated her: "You're a woman amongst girls.

Congratu-fuck-ulations"; Julie described the experience: "Honestly, it was a little painful, kind of fast and kind of awkward, but absolutely perfect. Kayla and Connor mutually decided not to engage in full sexual intercourse; later, she admitted: "I couldn't go through with it," but then added that she enjoyed oral sex: "You guys, so much, so much went down tonight, including Connor Let's just say The Chef went out to eat my pussy. It was good. Sam revealed her lesbian leanings toward Angelica, and they kissed each other to prove their attraction to each other.

The unpredictable gothic plot was similar in some respects to Alex Garland's Ex Machina , Hitchcock's Rebecca , and the classic Frankenstein tale Frankenstein's wife was named Elizabeth. The imprisoning state-of-the-art estate, containing all of Elizabeth's dreamed-of material possessions wardrobes, jewelry, etc. She was cautioned and forbidden to enter an off-limits basement room.

Before Henry left for the day, he tempted her: "You'll be a good girl, won't you? Inside the room in the film's early plot-twist reveal, in a reddish-tinged lab, she discovered a drawer with a cryogenic tank holding a naked clone of herself later revealed to be the 6th clone of Elizabeth! When Henry discovered her disobedience, he chased after her and murdered her with a large knife The Queen kept 17 pet rabbits in cages in her bedroom one for each of her dead children. Her relationships involved two rival female cousins vying to be court romantic 'favourites' - a three-way love triangle:.

In competition with Lady Churchill for the Queen's affection, the social-climbing Abigail was seen topless in bed and sleeping next to the Queen after having intimate relations remarkable as Emma Stone's first semi-nude scene on film.

She was discovered by a shocked Lady Churchill in the light of a candlestick. In another scene with ribald dialogue, Lady Churchill requested, while bending over, to fire the Queen's bed-chamber maid Abigail for being a liar and thief: "You will dismiss her.

I like it when she puts her tongue inside me" - referring to cunnilingus. Shortly later, in a mud-bath scene, the two rivals bickered with each other in the Queen's presence. In an intimate scene, the scheming Abigail was in a bedroom with her newly-married husband, Baron Samuel Masham Joe Alwyn. When he told her, "I am as hard as a rock, and it is our wedding night," she sat in bed with her back to him, commanded him: "Lie still," and then reached behind and sexually stimulated him, in a scene of implied masturbatory sex.

As he was stimulated and orgasmed loudly behind her, she expressed her concern about Sarah's absence after poisoning her tea and loss of control over her:. For it is like she could strike from anywhere at any time, and I will not see it coming. I must be calm. She's gone.

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