Three Point Stance

Take a good look at the image above it show a perfect three point stance. Here are the fine points:

1. Legs are spread just a bit wider than shoulder length.
2. One foot is staggered slightly further back than the other.
3. Knees are bent at an almost perfect 90 degree angle.
4. Players back is almost perpendicular to the ground.
5. Players down arm keep player’s balance with a VERY slight lean forward.
6. Players other arm is at a 90 degree angle placed on his opposite thigh.
7. Players head is UP.

This is a perfect three point stance. This should be practiced and reviewed daily, making sure each player knows how to fire out of his stance. I guarantee you will see the benefits almost immediately.

At every practice, no matter what the age level, you need to be working on the proper stance. As a player progresses throughout his career in football his stance should be automatic. Teaching a player how to get into, hold and fire out of the proper stance is a skill they will benefit from their entire playing career.

In today’s youth football world, organizations like USA Football are preaching getting away from more contact in practices. They are advocates of “head up” tackling and are now promoting “heads up” blocking which is accomplished from a two point stance. I think these changes are great, but it still is not a substitute for teaching the kids a proper three point stance. I’m all for the new and safer method of tackling and blocking, but many teams are not following the “new way” so we need to have our kids prepared no matter what techniques our opponents are using.