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Leader Of The Pack

The young Rodgers enjoyed watching football games with his family. Since he grew up in northern California, he grew up wanting to become like one of the 49ers. His father was the one who taught him how to play football and all his life, he wanted to become a football player. Aaron Rodgers didn’t begin his career with a blast. He wasn’t noticed immediately after high school, even if he was a star and an A-grade student in his local school. His football skills improved further in college and he was eventually noticed by the Division I schools. During his college freshman year, he had an amazing record of 26 touchdowns.

Everybody thought that Rodgers would eventually be taken by the 49ers after college, but the Green Bay Packers were the ones who took him in. Since Rodgers’ first day with the Packers, he proved his worth as a quarterback to the team. The formidable and determined Aaron Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers to win Super Bowl XLV. He was also named as Super Bowl MVP at that time. Last year, he was the Associated Press Athlete of the Year and was one of the career leading passers with a rating of 104.1 and a post-season rating of 105.5. Rodgers, to this day, is still one of the leading NFL quarterbacks and one of the most highly paid NFL stars.

Like many other highly paid athletes, Aaron Rodgers also supports charities. Though he doesn’t have a charity named after him, he is actively involved with the MACC Fund or the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Fund. When asked about what the secret of his success is, he would simply attribute it to his unwavering faith in God. He is never ashamed to talk about his Christianity. Aaron Rodgers can be considered as a simple man outside of the field. This is most probably one of the reasons why his fans love him so much.