What Sports to Bet on Online

It is no secret that Australians are big fans of many sports. Cricket, football, tennis, rugby, AFL, NBA and even horse racing; you will find men, women and children all excited for some sort of sport. You will find people either playing these sports themselves or watching an event through a screen or in stadiums many times a year. But that’s not all these sports enthusiasts are fans of.

Among the spectators and crowds cheering for their favourite teams, you will see people betting on their favourite ones. Betting online or offline has been a part of the Australian sports culture for a long time. With 80 percent of Australian adults engaged in some sort of gambling, it is responsible for bringing in millions of dollars to the economy. Whether it is out on the tracks, stadiums or in the comfort of homes on screens, many people will be busy checking odds and placing bets.

If you are also looking to become a part of this exciting culture and have a little fun of your own, then online sports betting is a great way to start. There are many different sporting events happening within Australia or abroad that you can place bets on. The following list is a suggestion of some of the most famous sports that people gamble online using websites or on their phones on applications like Blue Bet.


Australian Football League also called footy, is one of Australia’s favourite pro sport. The exciting hubbub and the non-stop action on the fields make it a good bet. Gamblers from all around Australia put money on teams with higher odds to win. But before you decide which team to bet on, do your homework.

Check the past record of the players; do they have injuries, rivalries or whether they are on a cold or hot streak. With a few simple searches, you will know where to put your money and how much.


Besides football, rugby is one of the most enjoyed sports in Australia. Even though it can get violent pretty quickly, it is still full of excitement. It certainly gets the attention of gamblers, especially when the NRL begins its 16-team professional league. You can find many online betting platforms making various predictions, odds and promotions during this time.


From the A-League, English Premier League to the World Cup every four years, Football has grown vastly in popularity for punters in the gambling industry. While it is much less hectic than AFL or NRL, it still gets hyped up during big games. You get various betting opportunities like predicting the winner, who scores the most goals, or the number of penalties. Make sure to read up on the teams and rules of the game if it is your first time betting in a football game.

Horse Racing

So some non-Australians, this might come as a surprise but horseracing is a very lucrative market in Australia. With more than 19,000 matches arranged every year, it provides plenty of opportunities for punters to put money on stallions. Some of these races have multi-million-dollar purses where the right bet can earn you a handsome amount.


From the world-cup to various leagues and friendly matches, you will always find people enjoying the sport and also betting while doing so. The trick is to be knowledgeable about the odds and lines for each match, understand the rules and know a little bit about the game itself. There is always some sort of match going on during the year, which gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the market.

These sports are only some of the major and mainstream ones that majority of the punters are seen betting on. You can choose either one or more from these when you are betting for the first time.